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Whether Churches employ technology or not, it’s here. Technology is a part of our society, social fabric, and our global economy. We utilize it because it helps people (us), churches, and companies create opportunities for greater effectiveness and independence. The antithesis is also true—avoiding technology means you will remain dependent on others to get you to your next destination (kind of like a kid without a driver’s license) and potentially miss out on an abundance of opportunities.

KingdomCandidates.com is the solution to churches modernizing their hiring process. It is the first digital search firm created solely for the church. It allows churches to reach out to candidates across geographic borders, sync them, and organize them in one location. This syncing and centralizing is of extreme importance. Having a centralized place to network local churches and ministry professionals saves time and money. More importantly, it helps churches find the right fit for them. Kingdom Candidates, then, is state-of-the-art technology that empowers churches to keep the hiring process organized and in house—from entry level to executive level. Technological modernization translates into local church empowerment.


  1. First Impressions Matter: Our technology permits both churches and candidates to appealingly post all the necessary information that each needs about one another into one location—referred to as the candidate profile and the church profile. This crucial element of the technology is not to be overlooked. Churches need to attract high caliber talent and Candidates need to show/explain how they are the high caliber talent churches are looking for. Work with any head hunter and you’ll soon see that they are putting together beautiful information packets on both the church/company and their candidate. Why? Because first impressions matter. Kingdom Candidates’ Technology gives churches and candidates the opportunity to make a great first impression.

  2. Systematic Organization (step one): This technology allows churches to have an organized list of applicants—from the very beginning. The Candidate Listing Page includes the applicants name, city, state, experience level, contact email, cover letter (see personal note below), and an action icon that will take you to each candidates profile. In short, the list is extremely organized setting you up to view each applicants profile and begin the vetting process.

  3. Systematic Organization (step two): After reviewing each applicants profile (seen below), checking their social media handles, watching videos, reviewing and/or printing their resume, the technology empowers you to quickly organize applicants into favorite, maybe, and denied (seen above). They can also be re-organized at any point. This saves you and/or your search committee many hours of administrative work. *Note: the image below is not the complete candidate profile view as seen on KingdomCandidates.com.

Essential to your success is that we have taken technological steps to make hiring as seamless and smooth as possible so that you can concentrate on the relational side of hiring.

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