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EMPOWERING THE CHURCH IN THE DIGITAL AGE: How we help the local church hire.

Churches go through different stages in the ministry maturation process. You may find that your church is currently in a season wondering, “what are we doing?”, “where are we going?”, or “who is God’s next best for us?” Perhaps your leadership is sitting in a room—much like the disciples after the ascension of Christ and just prior to Pentecost—and you’re not only wondering what’s God’s next step is for you, but you’re afraid and potentially in a fog. That said, your leadership understands deep in the gut that your church needs to get moving.

Kingdom Candidates helps churches create staffing momentum.

At the heart of Kingdom Candidates is local church empowerment. We seek to empower the local church (and thus mobilize it) to own the hiring process in all its facets. This is crucially important because nobody knows your church like you. You understand the subtle nuances of your church culture, the DNA of what makes it tick, the potential land mines (i.e. pain issues) that need to be invaded by the love of God, and where you think God is telling you to go (i.e. vision). If your church doesn’t know a few of these things, that’s okay. There are fabulous books and tools available that can equip your church leadership to garner a deeper understanding who you are (culture/ethos), why you exist (mission), and where you are going (vision). I’d be lying if I said figuring these out are easy. Mission, vision, and a healthy church culture are very hard to cultivate and come at great expense. But it is worth it.

‘Intentionality’ is the word that comes to mind. Churches must be intentional about all that they do. Intentional in prayer, intentional about spiritual growth, intentional about understanding their role in God’s Kingdom, and ultimately intentional about moving forward as conduits of the Gospel.

This is where Kingdom Candidates comes in. We are a “hybrid” company that helps churches become intentional about the church staffing process.

What do I mean by “hybrid”? Our website is part technology and part staffing consultant (but not in the traditional sense).

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