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I’m a preacher, speaker, writer, pastor, athletic coach, team leader, entrepreneur, and ultimately family man. I’m also a Christian that is excited about the future of the church and being a bridge-builder that creates opportunities for multi-ethnic intergenerational expressions of the Gospel. The best part of my story is my beautiful bride and three stunning children.

Things you will learn from this blog: I’m passionate about empowering the local church as it seeks to participate in God’s Kingdom initiatives. At the dawn of the 21st century I believe technology is one of those pivotal tools that can (when used appropriately) aid the local Church in its Gospel proclamation. Further, I believe the greatest strength of the of Church lies with our collectives ability to live humbly and purposefully in our local community (work, school, family, sports, politics, etc.). As such you’ll be reading articles/posts that discuss everything from family and parenting (#dadlife), to church (#pastorlife), church staffing, the bible and theology, leadership, sports, business, racial reconciliation, and community engagement.  


E-mail me if you'd like to connect.